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What is Suzu tracker?

Suzu Tracker is an advanced analytics platform designed to empower affiliates with real-time data and comprehensive performance insights. It’s the tool you need to track, analyze, and optimize your affiliate marketing efforts.


Powerful analytics feature designed to provide in-depth insights into the performance of Suzuverse links embedded across your various online platforms
Real-time tracking
Monitor your earnings as they happen with live updates.
one-place monitoring
View all your performance metrics in one centralized dashboard.
automated Calculation
Automated calculate commissions from multiple referral levels with precision.
Visualization Tools
Easy-to-understand metrics graphs and charts for marketing decision-making

How it helps

Suzu Tracker simplifies the affiliate marketing process by providing
  • Instant

    Make informed decisions with up-to-the-minute information.
  • Efficiency

    Save time with all your data and tools in one place.
  • Accuracy

    Track the payment correctly with automated commission calculations.
  • Clarity

    Easy access performance at a glance with visual data representations.

Who can use

Suzu Tracker, a precision analytics and insightful performance platform, is ideal for

Affiliate Marketers

It simplifies tracking marketing performance with clear analytics, ideal for all experience levels.

Digital Strategists

It offers quick, comprehensive insights for strategists to analyze and optimize digital campaigns effectively.

Decision Makers

With real-time, precise metrics, Suzu Tracker supports informed strategic decisions.

Practical Applications

Uncover the power of Suzu Tracker through varied use cases and elevate your strategies with precision analytics and insightful performance data.

Affiliate Marketing

Empower your affiliate partners, providing them with accurate performance data for their shared links.

Content Optimization

Identify high-performing pages and social media, allowing you to refine your content strategy for maximum engagement.

Marketing Campaigns

Evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns by analyzing how Suzu links contribute to traffic and conversions.

How Suzu Tracker Works

Getting started with Suzuverse Tracker is a breeze


Get to know our SUZUVERSE tracker:

Access our AMS, go to the Affiliate tab, scroll down, and click on Suzuverse Tracker... View more

After registering, activate your SUZUVERSE Tracker account via the email you receive... View more

Tracking links use unique codes and cookies to attribute user actions to your referrals, earning commissions... View more

Use the SUZUVERSE Tracker to generate and customize tracking links for sharing on your SNS channels... View more


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