Important Update Regarding Binary network placement

Hi DAO Members,

Our system is now ready for users to place their members’ positions in the Binary network. 

In order to ensure accurate commission calculations for November, we kindly ask you to perform the following action: 

  • Action required: Place your new referrals in your binary network. 
  • Duration: Please note that manual placement must be completed by Dec 10. After that, you can no longer make changes to your binary network.

To guide you through the effective use of Manual Placement, please visit a comprehensive FAQ article here: How to add/change the placement of referrals in my binary network?

In order to ensure accurate data in the system, affiliate ID numbers will be discontinued in the future and all information will be done by email address. Therefore, when reaching out to our support team, it is advisable to provide your email address instead of the Affiliate ID, as it will expedite the verification process.

Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your kind support.

For inquiries, please contact

SUZUVERSE Customer Support Department