New updates for SUZUVERSE Affiliate

Hello DAO members!

We have an important update regarding SUZUVERSE Affiliate that we'd like to share with you.

1. Introduction of Suzuverse Tracker System:

- The new service is a tool that will greatly enhance the current poor affiliate management system. Specifically

  • Account Activation: You will receive an activation email from Suzuverse Affiliate Tracking System to activate your account. Follow the instructions to set your password and access the tool. (All services are managed under the same ID and password, but this feature must be set up separately.)
  • Affiliate Tracking: The Suzuverse Affiliate Tracking System allows you to monitor the performance of your affiliate links, tracking both the clicks on your submitted tags and the eventual users (conversions) This data can be used to improve your affiliate strategy. This data will help you improve your affiliate strategy and maximize your revenue.
  • Link Generation: Easily create new affiliate links and place them in a variety of sources to analyze which sources are most efficient and increase your revenue. For example, you can separate URLs for Instagram, Facebook, email, messenger, etc. You can also categorize your database and change affiliate links for each category to measure conversion rates.

2. New Invitation Code for Registration:

You can find your new Invitation Code under the "AMS > Affiliate" section of our platform. Please use this code for all future registrations and share it with your referrals.

3. Migration to Account Management System (AMS):

Your affiliate data will move seamlessly to our AMS.This transition will not disrupt your affiliate activities but will offer improved functionality and convenience. 

4. Affiliate Commission Management:

Lastly, please note that your affiliate commission will continue to be managed through the Suzuverse Affiliate platform at affiliate.suzuverse.com. There are no changes to how you receive your well-earned commissions.

To check your updated affiliate link and understand the new process, please refer to our detailed FAQ here: 

Suzuverse Tracker (Affiliate-specific)

How to activate your SUZUVERSE Tracker account?

How to access SUZUVERSE Dashboard and SUZUVERSE Tracker via AMS page?

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to continuing our journey together in SUZUVERSE.

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For inquiries, please contact
SUZUVERSE Customer Support Department