Your Personal Power-Up: AMS Wins for You

Unlocking Efficiency, Visibility, and Control for Enhanced Your Financial Success

Ease of Access

Enables quick and convenient access to comprehensive account details from one location.

Visual Data

Ensures data consistency across different aspects of account management, reducing discrepancies

Time Savings

Minimizes the need to navigate between multiple systems, saving time for users

Easy Management

Offers a user-friendly interface for convenient and efficient account management

Enhanced Productivity

Provides a more productive work environment by eliminating the need for multiple tools


Jump Our Wallet Feature: Managing Your Diverse Cashflow in One Place

Crypto Corner: Secure Your Digital Assets

Safely store and manage your cryptocurrencies, such as ETH and BTC, in one centralized digital wallet.
  • Security First: Utilize for digital safety.
  • Transparent: Review crypto transactions clearly.

Suzuverse Currency Hub: Keep Track of All Rewards at Your Fingertips

Effortlessly track and amplify your earnings journey in Suzuverse with seamless finance integration
  • Earning Rewards: Accumulate SZT through workout activities.
  • Commission Rewards: Earn affiliate commissions through successful referrals

Opportunity Tokens: Invest in Your Future

Monitor and invest in various digital tokens with potential future value growth.
  • Diverse Investments: A range of digital tokens for a varied investment portfolio
  • Future Growth Potential: Identify and invest in tokens with promising future value.


AMS provides a comprehensive solution for organizing and optimizing your assets. Stay on top of your investments and make strategic decisions to boost your overall portfolio.

Avatar: AI Human, Dogs & Neko

Manage all your intelligent human Avatars and animals effortlessly within the AMS platform

Character: 3D Avatars

Upload or purchase 3D avatars for a personalized virtual experience.

Energy: Powering Your avatars

Monitor the energy levels essential for the optimal performance of your walking avatars.

Subscription: Unlock Premium Features

Access exclusive benefits and features by managing your subscription assets.

Other Products: Merchandise and Beyond

Streamline management of diverse virtual assets, from collectibles to unique in-game items
Own Your Unique Assets in Suzuverse Today! Unleash the Power of Personalization and Dive into a World of Endless Possibilities

Effortlessly Track Your Affiliate Status

Simple Affiliate

Effortlessly track your commission and affiliate network – fast, comprehensive, and convenient.

Affiliate Tracker

Direct you to your affiliate tracking platform - Suzuverse tracker - Your All-in-One Solution for Social Media Mastery!

Effortless Affiliate

Explore and share all your affiliate offers easily - all conveniently within a single, user-friendly platform designed for your ease.

Update your
affiliate rank

Stay informed and track your affiliate ranking on Suzuverse. Estimate your next ranking level as you follow your performance updates.

Optimize Team

Enhance your affiliate performance, track members and commissions seamlessly. Elevate your affiliate smartly with our intuitive management tool.


Leverage your tokens to acquire voting power and actively shape the direction of Suzuverse ecosystem

AMS Essentials:
FAQ Guide

Get to know our SUZUVERSE AMS:
AMS, or Account Management System, is SUZUVERSE's central hub for overseeing accounts, covering Wallet, Affiliate, and Asset management. After purchases on SUZUVERSE Mall or C2C Market, data syncs with the SUZUVERSE app. AMS streamlines account management for a seamless SUZUVERSE experience... Read more
SUZUVERSE AMS streamlines Wallet, Affiliate details, and Asset management, syncing Mall or C2C Market purchases with SUZUWALK. The Home page offers an overview, SUZUVERSE Wallet manages tokens, and the Assets section oversees all assets, ensuring a seamless user experience in the SUZUVERSE ecosystem... Read more
To convert SZT into cryptocurrency, access AMS, choose SZT in the Wallet's Game Currency, select ETH, enter the amount, and click Request to Convert. The SUZUVERSE Team will review within 24 hours on weekdays, and once approved, your cryptocurrency balance will be updated.. Read more
Check your SUZUVERSE items on the AMS page by accessing AMS and navigating to the Assets section. Easily view and manage earners, characters, energy, subscriptions, and merchandise orders. The page categorizes items with clear statuses, making it simple to track and move between the SUZUVERSE app and C2C Market... Read more


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