[Press release] SUZUVERSE’s Web3 Wallet: Global Access to SGT Simplified

Tokyo, Japan, January 4, 2024 — Tokyo-based metaverse startup SUZUVERSE has unveiled an innovative web3 wallet in their latest app version 2.0.5, offering streamlined cryptocurrency transactions within their virtual world. This groundbreaking feature enhances digital asset ownership and interoperability in the metaverse.

"Our web3 wallet is designed to give our users financial empowerment and simplicity," said SUZUVERSE founder Ryoji Miyauchi. "With direct Uniswap integration, users can easily exchange tokens like ETH and USDT for our governance token, SGT, improving their experience in our decentralized world."

The SUZUVERSE web3 wallet was created with newcomers to web3 technology in mind, allowing for easy management of digital assets and active participation in decentralized governance. It initially supports Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT), with the option of adding more tokens later based on community feedback and needs. This wallet simplifies token exchanges, enables smooth transfers within the SUZUVERSE community, and includes a detailed transaction log and secure private key recovery methods. Most importantly, it allows for straightforward access to the SUZUVERSE governance token, SGT, making digital interactions more accessible and efficient. 

The integration comes on the heels of remarkable growth for the young company, with revenues climbing to $8.9 million from September to November 2023. December’s monthly income exceeded $3.8 million, capping off a year with over $24 million in revenue.

SUZUVERSE has demonstrated the scalability and economic viability of blockchain technology in virtual environments. The community has grown to over 37,000 users, underscoring the platform's impact on fostering social connections and self-sovereign identity in the digital realm. This expanding user base, paired with the startup’s new in-app functionalities, showcases the immense potential of blockchain-based metaverse innovation.

The release of the web3 wallet aligns with SUZUVERSE’s mission to empower users with financial autonomy and amplify their metaverse experience. Maintaining a decentralized approach is key to their vision, ensuring privacy, customization, and user sovereignty.

For detailed information on this significant update and SUZUVERSE's progressive role in the metaverse, please visit SUZUVERSE’s website.


Established in 2022 by Ryoji Miyauchi, SUZUVERSE is at the forefront of integrating advanced AI and blockchain in the mixed reality metaverse. Its products, CheerCast and Suzuwalk, tackle challenges like loneliness, social isolation, and holistic well-being, promoting a decentralized, self-governed experience for social, mental, and financial freedom. Explore more at SUZUVERSE Official Links.

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For more information about SUZUVERSE and its latest earnings, please contact Angeline “Chii” Viray (Investor Relations) via email (ir@suzuverse.com) or on WhatsApp (+639608994989).