Execution of First Market Buyback

Dear DAO Members,

We are pleased to announce the successful execution of our first market buyback, marking an important milestone in our journey towards enhancing the value and liquidity of the SGT token.

Details of the buyback are as follows:

  • Buyback Amount: 115,987 SGT
  • Average Cost: 4.28536555 USDT per SGT
  • Total Spent USD Amount: 524,438 USD
  • Exchange Utilized: MEXC
  • Date of Execution: Apr 25

This strategic initiative reflects our commitment to returning business profits to our valued community members, while also aiming to increase the price and stability of the SGT token in the market.

We believe that market buybacks play a crucial role in fostering investor confidence and driving long-term growth within the SUZUVERSE ecosystem. As such, we are excited about the positive impact this buyback will have on the overall SGT market.

We remain dedicated to transparency and accountability in all our operations, and we will continue to keep you updated on future buyback activities and other developments within the SUZUVERSE platform.

Thank you for your ongoing support and trust in SUZUVERSE.

For inquiries, please contact

SUZUVERSE Customer Support Department