Impressive October 2023 Financials from SUZUVERSE Reaffirm Global Leadership

Tokyo, Japan, November 3, 2023 — SUZUVERSE, a pioneering brand in the decentralized industry, revealed significant growth in membership and revenue in its October 2023 financial reports. The business's current success demonstrates its expanding importance in offering a safe refuge for economic, social, and spiritual independence. SUZUVERSE’s website is at

Key Highlights:

  • October Revenue: SUZUVERSE generated a revenue of $2,736,094 USD in October 2023, with a CMGR of 11.07% and an average monthly revenue of $2.5 million.
  • Membership Growth: The company registered 3,824 new users, bringing the total number of users in its global community to 30,257. The number of new members has been steadily increasing over the past few months, averaging 4,166 every month.
  • Subscriptions: In October, SUZUVERSE added 192 new members, bringing the total to 3,371 this month. Every month, SUZUVERSE welcomes 674 new members on average.
  • Quarterly Performance: SUZUVERSE’s total revenue over the last five months has been $12,372,066 USD, and all of the important metrics have shown significant growth.
  • Solid Cash Position: Without any external fundraising, the company maintains a robust cash position of around $5 million USD.

Unprecedented Sales Growth

The most recent data shows that Suzuverse made $2,736,094 in revenue in October 2023 alone. With the company's sales over the last five months coming to approximately $12 million USD, this increase fits into a trend. These figures show how the company's growth trajectory is accelerating.

Membership Surges

A notable increase in new registrations is also seen in the most recent data; 3,824 new individuals joined the SUZUVERSE community in October. Although there were just 401 monthly registrations in the early part of the year, there has been significant growth in recent months, with the number of new users reaching a peak of 5,607 in September 2023 and averaging 4166 new users per month in the last 5 months.

Subscription Highlights

In addition to earnings and the quantity of new users joining Suzuverse, subscriptions are steadily increasing. There were 192 new subscriptions added in October, bringing the total to 3,371 for the month. The company's increasing community involvement is bolstered by this, which adds to an average monthly new subscription rate of 674 and an average monthly subscription rate of 2370.

Strong Financial Position

Suzuverse has grown its membership and sales to remarkable heights, and it now has approximately $5 million in cash on hand—all without the need for outside funding. Because of its stable finances, the business is able to consistently innovate and enhance its products to better serve its growing clientele.

Looking Ahead

Suzuverse is primed to capitalize on its recent successes with a series of forthcoming initiatives aimed at further enriching its community-driven ecosystem. As the company continues on its upward trajectory, the focus remains squarely on empowering individuals to break free from the limitations of centralized systems.

Suzuverse is preparing to launch ground-breaking improvements to the AI Avatars in its CheerCast product line in order to achieve this goal. These updates are engineered to give users a more genuine and fulfilling experience by making the AI Avatars more intuitive, responsive, and emotionally intelligent. These improvements are more than just features; they're stepping stones toward a community that is empowered and decentralized. The company's unwavering goal is to give people the freedom to choose happiness in a world full of constraints. Stakeholders and users alike are encouraged to stay tuned for these exciting developments that promise to redefine boundaries and reclaim freedom in the metaverse.

About Suzuverse:

Founded in 2022 by Ryoji Miyauchi, Suzuverse is a pioneering mixed reality metaverse platform for those seeking an alternative to centralized systems. It offers a decentralized platform where people can experience genuine, unfettered freedom, both socially, spiritually, and economically. To learn more, visit SUZUVERSE’s website at

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