SUZUVERSE Announces Strategic Leadership Reorganization to Accelerate Growth

Tokyo, Japan, November 06, 2023 — SUZUVERSE, a pioneering force and architect of a groundbreaking mixed reality metaverse, today disclosed a major reorganization of its leadership to accelerate its international growth and strengthen its foothold in the Southeast Asian market. To explore the world of SUZUVERSE and learn more about its commitment to freedom and innovation, visit

SUZUVERSE, which was established to bring unparalleled levels of freedom and innovation to users worldwide, is advancing its mission with these leadership changes. The company provides a decentralized space where individuals enjoy social, spiritual, and economic liberty, facilitated by a platform that is both revolutionary and accessible.

Ryoji Miyauchi, previously serving as the Chief Everything Officer and President, has been appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer, taking the helm to steer SUZUVERSE into new global markets. Miyauchi’s extensive experience in strategy and leadership is key to guiding the company's expansion, ensuring SUZUVERSE remains at the cutting edge of the industry.

"Assuming the expanded role of President and CEO is a significant milestone for both myself and SUZUVERSE," Miyauchi stated. "Our ambition to empower users through technology takes on a new dimension as we reach out to new regions, bringing our vision of a decentralized and empowered future to a global audience."

Jack Tran, who previously led as CEO, will now concentrate his expertise as Vice President & CEO of Southeast Asia. This strategic move leverages Jack's in-depth knowledge of the market to maximize growth and user engagement within the region.

Reflecting on his new focus, Jack remarked, "Southeast Asia offers vast potential for SUZUVERSE’s growth. I am committed to driving our success in this region, ensuring that our users here have access to the full benefits of our platform as we continue to expand our presence."

These leadership changes are key as SUZUVERSE advances its commitment to unlocking social, spiritual, and economic freedoms. We are shaping a metaverse that challenges centralized constraints, offering a platform where everyone can freely craft their own experiences.

To explore the world of SUZUVERSE and learn more about its commitment to freedom and innovation, visit

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Founded in 2022 by Ryoji Miyauchi, SUZUVERSE is a pioneering mixed reality metaverse platform for those seeking an alternative to centralized systems. It offers a decentralized platform where people can experience genuine, unfettered freedom, both socially, spiritually, and economically. To learn more, visit SUZUVERSE’s website at

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