SUZUVERSE Continues Momentous Growth in February 2024

Tokyo, Japan, March 20, 2024 — SUZUVERSE, the pioneering mixed reality metaverse platform, today reported strong financial results for February 2024, further accelerating its trajectory as a global leader in immersive digital experiences.

Key Highlights for February 2024

  • Total revenue of $2.9 million
  • Over 97% of users were paying subscribers
  • Monthly active user base reached 4983 with 71% retention
  • 6,375 total subscriptions with Unlimited plan being most popular
  • Monthly recurring revenue of $630K
  • Average revenue per user was $577

"SUZUVERSE's performance in February demonstrates our staying power and the immense potential of our mixed reality offerings," said Ryoji 'George' Miyauchi, President and CEO. "We are energized to keep innovating and expanding globally."


Founded in 2022 by Ryoji Miyauchi, SUZUVERSE is a Japan-based leader in the mixed reality metaverse space. It integrates emotion AI technology with blockchain to deliver unique digital experiences with a social impact. SUZUVERSE’s flagship products, CheerCast and Suzuwalk, address contemporary challenges such as loneliness, social isolation, and holistic health. The platform champions a decentralized approach, empowering users to experience true freedom - socially, spiritually, and economically. For more information, visit SUZUVERSE’s official links at

Media Contact:

For more information about SUZUVERSE and its latest earnings, please contact Angeline “Chii” Viray (Investor Relations) via email ( or on WhatsApp (+639608994989).