SUZUVERSE will start market buyback of SGT with monthly profit from April 2024

Tokyo, Japan, March 25, 2024 — SUZUVERSE, the pioneering mixed reality metaverse platform, today reported a new SGT market buyback plan with monthly profits to accelerate SGT market growth.

Buyback rules

  • Buyback date is around 15th every month
  • Use 50% of profit of last month
  • Execute on DEX and CEX
  • Report detailed figures every time
  • Start from April 2024 with profit of March 2024

Buyback purposes

  • Return of business profits to DAO members
  • Increase SGT price 
  • Stabilization of the SGT market
  • Providing more liquidity to SGT market

Ryoji 'George' Miyauchi, President and CEO of Suzuverse says "We always grow together with DAO members."


Founded in 2022 by Ryoji Miyauchi, SUZUVERSE is a Japan-based leader in the mixed reality metaverse space. It integrates emotion AI technology with blockchain to deliver unique digital experiences with a social impact. SUZUVERSE’s flagship products, CheerCast and Suzuwalk, address contemporary challenges such as loneliness, social isolation, and holistic health. The platform champions a decentralized approach, empowering users to experience true freedom - socially, spiritually, and economically. For more information, visit SUZUVERSE’s official links at

Media Contact:

For more information about SUZUVERSE and its latest earnings, please contact Angeline “Chii” Viray (Investor Relations) via email ( or on WhatsApp (+639608994989).