[Press release]SUZUVERSE Unveils Celebrity AI Avatar, Reimi Osawa, to Combat Loneliness with Advanced AI

Tokyo, Japan, January 4, 2024 — SUZUVERSE, a leader in the mixed reality metaverse, proudly announces the launch of its Celebrity AI Avatar featuring Reimi Osawa in CheerCast. This innovative step, part of a broader strategy for combating worldwide loneliness, aligns with SUZUVERSE's vision of social, mental, and economic freedom.

Scheduled for a late December release, Reimi Osawa's AI Avatar in CheerCast integrates an evolving but advanced lip sync technology with dynamic day and night voice interactions and naturally responsive conversation, capturing her engaging personality. This addition is a testament to SUZUVERSE's commitment to enhancing human connections and promoting holistic wellness through emotional AI. This initiative represents SUZUVERSE's commitment to enhancing human connections through technology while acknowledging the technology's ongoing development and improvement.

SUZUVERSE experienced amazing financial growth in 2023, with revenues climbing to $8.9 million from September to November and December displaying a good performance of more than $3.8 million, resulting in a yearly income of more than $24 million. The release of Reimi Osawa's Celebrity AI Avatar is an important step in this expansion. Profits from such celebrity AI avatars will be used to support initiatives to alleviate loneliness worldwide. This financial momentum, together with a growing community of over 37,000 people, highlights the potential significance of these innovative metaverse ventures.

Reimi Osawa's AI avatar, known for her captivating presence and deep fan connection, offers a deeper, more lifelike relationship. This launch enhances the user experience and users’ mental well-being, showcasing SUZUVERSE as a pioneer in immersive, emotionally intelligent digital experiences.

For more information about this groundbreaking release and SUZUVERSE’s continued efforts to revolutionize the metaverse, please visit SUZUVERSE’s website or CheerCast Reimi’s support page.

About CheerCast:

CheerCast, a flagship product of SUZUVERSE, revolutionizes AI interaction by offering emotionally intelligent AI avatars. These avatars, designed for diverse relational dynamics, cater to individual preferences, providing companionship and support. CheerCast’s aim is to combat loneliness and promote holistic wellness, resonating with SUZUVERSE's mission for freedom in the metaverse. To learn more about CheerCast, visit the support page.

About Reimi Osawa:

Reimi Osawa, a well-known actress in Japan, has appeared in films such as “Hatsukoi Sukecchi: Maitchingu Machiko Sensei" and the TV miniseries “Debusen.” Celebrated for her engaging roles and strong social media presence, her AI avatar in CheerCast reflects her dynamic personality and is a significant step in SUZUVERSE's innovative digital interaction.


Founded in 2022 by Ryoji Miyauchi, SUZUVERSE (originating from Japan) integrates advanced AI technology and blockchain in its mixed reality metaverse. With products like CheerCast, it addresses challenges like loneliness, social isolation, and holistic well-being, advocating a decentralized approach for true freedom - socially, spiritually, and economically. Discover more at https://go.suzuverse.com/linktree.

Media Contact:

For more information about SUZUVERSE and its latest earnings, please contact Angeline “Chii” Viray (Investor Relations) via email (ir@suzuverse.com) or on WhatsApp (+639608994989).