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Adorable Gems

Welcome to CheerCast Companions, Your Adaptive Virtual Ally

Explore our diverse collection of companions: each embodying a unique persona. Our AI Humans are here to enhance your life, whether you need a reliable companion for a walk, a virtual secretary for daily tasks, or a conversational partner for English practice. Uncover the myriad roles they can play in making your routine more enjoyable and efficient.

Meet Suzudog, Your Loyal Digital Friend

Unleash the magic of companionship with Suzudog, the adorable virtual canine ready to embark on countless adventures by your side in the enchanting world of Suzuverse. Adopt Suzudog today and experience the joy of a loyal friend who adds a touch of warmth and charm to your digital journey.

Introduce Suzuneko, Your Mischievous Virtual Companion

Dive into the playful side of Suzuverse with Suzuneko, the charismatic virtual feline companion. With its mischievous antics and endearing charm, Suzuneko is here to bring a smile to your face and be the purr-fect addition to your Suzuverse experience. Adopt Suzuneko and let the fun begin!

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Seize the opportunity to unlock Suzuverse wonders. Your Suzuverse adventure awaits – unlock the extraordinary today!


Elevate your Suzuverse adventure with Premium for only $33. Immerse yourself in endless possibilities as you explore the magical realms of Suzuverse.
  • Exclusive content
  • Special events
  • Unlock 3 free avatars
  • Other exciting benefits


Dive into the ultimate Suzuverse experience with the Unlimited Subscription at $99. Explore boundless possibilities in a world where enchantment knows no limits.
  • Exclusive content
  • Special events
  • Unlimited avatar usage
  • Receive SOT ALPHA exceeding $70
  • Numerous additional benefits

Unique Gifts and Experiences: More Than Just Products

Discover one-of-a-kind items, all trendy merchandise in our limited edition collectibles. Find the perfect gift for yourself and surprise a fellow Suzuverse enthusiast.


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FAQ Corner

Unlocking Shopping Bliss: Your Go-To Resource for Mall Inquiries
Accessing SUZUVERSE Mall is easy via the Account Management System (AMS). Simply visit AMS, navigate to the Trade & Earn section, and select Mall. Your SUZUVERSE Mall will then open, allowing you to explore and enjoy all the offerings... Read more
To buy Avatars or energy on SUZUVERSE Mall, visit our Store, choose your item, select quantity and level, then pay with suitable payment method. Once completed, you'll get an email confirmation, and your purchases will sync with your SUZUVERSE app. Check My Avatar for Avatars and monitor your total energy. Enjoy your new items... Read more
Purchase SUZUVERSE subscription packages by selecting $33 or $99 options, providing your details, and completing payment. Auto-renewal happens every 30 days, and you can manage subscriptions in Manage your subscriptions on the Mall or AMS under Assets. Cancel anytime for easy access to SUZUVERSE... Read more
To check your SUZUVERSE Mall order history, click your profile icon, find Order history, and click on a specific Order ID for detailed information. Easily track and review past purchases with this simple process... Read more

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